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Image by David Clarke


Professional fire expertise is critical for an event. With a fire marshal in London service, you can ensure public safety in case the worst happens. TGS Security Services has years of experience dealing with large and small crowds and knows how to protect and assist people in vulnerable situations whilst preventing fires.

Leading up to the event, we will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the occasion moves forward as planned. This involves carrying out regular reviews and assessments of the venue. We look for blockages, poor signage, and much more so that we can advise you further and fix problems on the spot.


Our experience and extensive knowledge in the sector highlights the need to be aware of significant fire safety hazards so as not to compromise the security of event attendees.

While the event is taking place, our operatives are always close by. This ensures they can continue to spot fire safety risks in real-time as guests' behaviour can often be problematic. 


If there is an incident, our calm and fully-trained experts provide all means of escape in case of a fire, helping you to safely locate to the correct assembly point. As a result, your event will have a backup plan in the most unforeseeable circumstances. Whether you’re running a fire drill or your fire alarm goes off due to a fire hazard, our team will help you safely leave the building in the event of a fire. 

Our processes and procedures are in line with government legislation and health and safety regulations. Also, while our operatives are well-trained, we understand the need to continually up skill our employees so that they possess the most up to date knowledge and information.

To take action concerning fire safety at an event, you must give us a call so as not to jeopardise public wellbeing.

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