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How TGS Security has adapted to keep you secure during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Upon seemingly the endless restrictions in place and complicating implications of COVID-19, thousands of companies are struggling to adhere to the legal protocol in a way that allows for them to function as normal - inevitably leading to forced closures, loss of businesses, and ultimately their profits. TGS security is here to ensure your site is running in a way that is COVID secure and to offer ongoing expertise as we emerge from lockdowns and are inevitably met with more changing rules, restrictions, and regulations.

Our team of esteemed security professionals is equipped with extensive knowledge of the latest restrictions regarding Coronavirus. Each member of staff is on hand and prepared to see that your site is following all necessary precautions in order to minimise the risk of transmission and infection - ultimately ensuring you have a COVID compliant establishment, allowing for you to be open. In order to assist you in these trying times, the team has adapted to impediment in the following COVID mitigating methods to your site:


All members of our team and additional on-site workers will be equipped with PPE. In addition to strict social distancing, everybody must wear masks in order to lessen the likelihood of transmission between individuals. All members of TGS Security will regularly sanitise themselves and their working area, and encourage others around them to do the same.

Enforce Social Distancing

It is strict government advice that individuals refrain from close contact and remain socially distant from one another in order to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Although you strictly should not interact with those outside of your ‘bubble’ or immediate home, this is not always possible for those that are still required to travel to work, and to places with many people. TGS Security is able to enforce the 2-metre rule and risk assess times when there will be inevitable close interaction between individuals on your site.

Strict management of those on-site

Our team has been adaptively trained to strictly oversee those who are on the site in question, as a consequence of Coronavirus. We are able to question in-depth individuals who may unnecessarily be within the site premises, increasing the risk of transmission. We can ensure temperatures of individuals are checked prior to their entry; in addition to their recording Track and Trace details and making sure that they have ‘check in’ to the location.

Implement our experience in Crowd Management

Upon the gradual reintroduction of larger crowds and concentrated areas of people, it is vital that a site adheres exceptionally to virus-transmission mitigating factors. Our experience and knowledge of event security mean we are already extensively trained in crowd management - your establishment would undoubtedly benefit from our expert team overseeing that curfews are adhered to in addition to enforcing government regulations regarding further social distancing, etc.

Should you find your event or premises in need of a more adapted and advanced security protocol, as a consequence of COVID-19, the team at TGS Security would be happy to help. We are equipped with extensive expertise on an array of factors of which could boost your COVID compliance; something now pivotal in order to remain both a credible and legally allowed open company. We are confident in our ability to assist you throughout these trying times and adapt your site in a way that allows for restrictions to be met and social distancing to be maintained.

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