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How will event security change after Covid-19

As we all look on optimistically to June the 21st, the prospect of existing again in a world without invasive restrictions has undoubtedly begun to evoke some feeling of unease; particularly when it comes to the organisation and execution of events, as some can be at a capacity with hundreds of thousands of individuals.

The employment of a highly trained and professional security service can alleviate some of the apprehensions event organisers may have. Each member of our team is extensively trained in their profession - our entire service has evolved to effectively handle the excessive implications of Coronavirus. Here at TGS Security, we are confident in our revolutionised way of working; we will utilise the following, at the discretion of the event manager or government compulsion, in order to effectively secure your event in a post-COVID world.

Thermal scanning, Decontamination, and Misting Booths

The threat of coronavirus will be present at all large-scale events or gatherings going forward; it is the responsibility of the event manager, and in turn, their hired security team, to see to that this threat is utilised. The use of revolutionary and appropriate technology will become second to none when it comes to significantly improving safety for staff and attendees. Temperature check tools such as thermal scanning are precedent in some places already, however are expected to take over the process of being initiated into a large-scale crowd or event. Alongside rigorous venue cleansing and promotion of individual sanitation, participants should expect to be greeted with disinfectant tunnels in order to ensure the risks of COVID-19 are extensively minimised. Additional appropriate technology event security can use include contactless ID and Ticket scanners.

Proof of Vaccination

Opposing to our European counterparts, the UK has advised so far that there will be no legal requirement to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to gain entry into our country or events within. Presenting proof of vaccination is something events will be able to utilise, alongside standard temperate checks, etc, ultimately increasing the productivity in admitting attendees into events. Should it become compulsory to present proof of vaccination in order to gain entry into a venue, the TGS Security will be happy to help. Our diverse range of experience gives us an abundance of confidence that we will be able to effectively execute the processes required to make an event compliant with government legislation.

Reduction in Venue Capacity

Upon the eagerly anticipated return of events, it is expected that tickets will sell out in minutes and all prospective participants will be out in full force, keen to celebrate society’s grand re-opening. Despite the promise of ‘no restrictions’ from this summer onwards, TGS Security is ready and waiting to once again implement our security strategies as usual, even if we are initially advised that venue capacities will be significantly reduced for now.

Social Distancing and Masks

Whilst the exactitudes surrounding wearing masks and social distancing from June 21st onwards are unknown, TGS Security is prepared to continue enforcing both amongst attendees within the venue in question - doing so ensures events we are employed to are compliant with government guidelines; thus enabling our clientele to stay open.

Upon venues reopening, utilizing medical technologies, and hiring adapted, competent security forces will be pivotal; however, there will be a continuation of threat besides that of COVID-19. TGS Security offers an unmatched service, delivered by extensively trained and experienced professionals. Should you find yourself in need of security service, get in touch with the TGS Security team today. We are an industry-leading security team, trained impeccably across an array of venue sizes, for a diverse range of events.

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