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We offer unparalleled crowd management services in London that ensure the safety and smooth running of your event. Regardless of the occasion, our skilled and fully-trained operatives can control and manage crowds of all sizes.


By serving the likes of the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Kingsway Films, we have helped to maintain hundreds of thousands of attendees and performers alike so that they can enjoy their day safely and securely. 

Whether it’s a street fair or religious festival, large gatherings of people are risky for anybody who attends, performs, or hosts an event. Once you add alcohol to the mix, the atmosphere can turn sour very quickly, and many people can get injured.


Crowd management in London and the surrounding areas is essential as it helps to manage the latent hazards of an event, regardless of the type. With experienced and licensed professionals nearby, you know that incidents will be dealt with swiftly and following industry regulations.


A direct impact of this is that your event will be viewed as a success. Poor management leads to disappointment, which affects your standing in the industry. In partnership with us, your reputation will go from strength to strength.

Our experience gives us a definite edge as we have fifteen years of processes to reflect on. But, we don’t rely on what we have done in the past - we continually move forward. To ensure our solutions never plateau, all operatives are provided with comprehensive training that gives them the necessary skills to act quickly and professionally in any situation.


Plus, we have relationships with event organisers that we can maximise for your benefit. Don’t hesitate - call us now to put your wellbeing first. If you’re looking for private security, contact our team to find out about the rules and regulations of static security. 

At TGS, we work closely with event organisers, agencies, and local authorities to create bespoke plans that suit your individual needs. This enables us to plan, assess risks, and proactively react to situations in real-time.

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