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Trust-worthy Site Security


Site Security is important to get right, making sure that your workers and your site are safe and protected is a major priority. How such a high degree of safety is guaranteed is dependent on having certain security measures in place. It is important to have construction security guards on-site patrolling and also manning the entrances to the site. By doing so this can help prevent unauthorised access from entering the site and potentially causing harm to workers and equipment. It is also important to have CCTV surveillance in place to try and prevent damage to property on the site or help identify the people who have caused damage. 


Here at TGS, we offer a high-quality site security service. All of our construction site security guards are DBS checked, highly trained and experienced to ensure that they can tackle any job that’s given to them. Our CCTV surveillance systems operate 24/7 and with a live-streamed feed and the ability to record video. This means you have the best chance of preventing theft and damage to your equipment and staff.


Why choose TGS?


Here at TGS, we have many years of experience in all types of security services. We use our wide range of knowledge and experience to recommend the right services for you and your needs. We take into account location, size, budget and many other factors to help determine how you can get the best deal possible. As you should, we also like to put safety first with everything we do, which is why we make it imperative to test all of our products and also making sure all of our staff are fully trained and qualified for work.


If you have any questions about site security or any of our other services, then visit our contact page for our contact options or call 0207 096 3989.

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