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Gain peace of mind by protecting your property at all times.


Using a Door Supervisor is one of the most effective ways of securing a building. It acts as a deterrent for crime and ensures that only the right people access the building. 


Our guards are professionally trained, provide protection and are proactive when it comes to prevention. Our door supervisors are trained to deal with people in a calm and professional manner.  By using a qualified and experienced security service for your door supervision, the occupants of the building will perceive a higher degree of safety and reassurance at all hours of the day.


Trusted Door Supervision Security Service


Here at TGS, our door supervision security service can work for any premises or any event. All of our guards are fully qualified in all security services ensuring that no job is too big for our team. Our teams’ skills and presence provide a clear message and authority on your premises giving you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. 


We have over 18 years of experience providing door supervisors and have covered a range of both small and large events and premises. We have worked with a variety of brands who liked our services so much that they continue to work with us again and again. Our security services are available across the UK meaning we can always offer you the safety you need, no matter where you are located.


Why Us? 


With decades of experience, quality training and clear processes our Door Guards blend in with the background when needed and have a clear presence when the situation requires it. We believe in continuously training our people, ensuring that our approach is always meeting the requirements of the time. Our services are tailored to your specific requirements and location. We will survey your location and provide you with a detailed recommendation requirement.


Every event and premises are different, and we understand that here at TGS. If you have any questions about your Security requirements, please give us a call on 0207 096 3989.

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