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Why you need security for your next event

With criminal attacks at an all-time high, whether it is a festival for thousands or a simple pop-up occasion for a few dozen, as the host of an event, you must not compromise your staff and attendants' safety and security. Ensuring you have a professional and experienced security team behind your event can diminish the potential of property damage, business losses, and ultimately, devastating injury. In addition to our team adapting to the circumstances of COVID-19, our extensive experience of event security in London provides these necessary insights into the important business of:

First hand checking of attendee bags

Stations to check bags are one of the first lines of defence when it comes to event security and when you are confronted with a crowd. Bags and bodies will be checked over for any items such as knives, guns, and glass bottles. Inebriated guests can be hazardous to themselves and others - providing a designated bar area gives guests peace of mind and an easy watchpoint for staff. A professional team of security means they will be able to utilise their expertise to recognise suspicious behaviour and act immediately and effectively should they need to. Employing such a team will ultimately provide the optimum security of your event.

Expert risk assessment

Employing a team of professional security will ensure your event has the highest level of safety. A security organisation will be able to thoroughly assess the following and implement their safety strategies accordingly:

  1. Location

  2. Size of the event

  3. Event duration

  4. The political, symbolic or historical significance of the event

  5. Existing threats to the site or event specifically

  6. The nature of the audience

  7. Any VIP attendance

  8. Extent and tone of media coverage

Prevent property damage

Neglecting to employ expert event security will harm your business, frequently resulting in a loss of revenue. Should anything happen at an event of which is deprived of security, the consequences can include legal action and high insurance premiums. Property damage can occur at any time; if an event was to experience delays or cancellation, a crowd would become immediately hostile. This will also happen if a venue has inadequate services for attendees' capacity (parking, toilet facilities, traffic control). Property damage can be devastating to the owner and dangerous for those at the event - to ensure you have an expert team, talk to our specialist of event security in South East London.

VIP Guests and Handling The Media

Star-studded performers and reputable, exclusive events often attract VIP attention and, therefore, the media too. When confronted with handling VIPs, they should be provided with an exclusive entryway to move through smoothly and quickly upon arrival and departure. Having experts in security on site will instil confidence in the crowd and any exclusive attendees.

Additionally, every event should be readily equipped with an Emergency Action Plan, an EAP. Although emergencies are frequently unpredictable, having such a plan in place will detail staff of exactly what to do and where, when, and how they should do it. There should be a designated site for the media should they arrive.

Maintaining a reputation

Having an expert team of security commandeer an event minimises the chances of any damage, both to the site and the hosting company. A loss of reputation can lead to a loss of sponsors, and frequently fans will not attend future events.

If your event needs a stricter strategy or simply like to inquire about TGS Security expertise, contact us today. Our extensive experience of both event security in London and surrounding areas we will be able to provide you with any expertise you may require.

COVID-19 has seen our extensively experienced team adapt to the current climate with regards to event security. We have amended and modified our service to comply with the latest government guidance on managing the risks of COVID-19.

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